Wer immer noch der Meinung ist, dass der harte Absturz des Bitcoin-Kurses etwas mit Elon Musk zu tun hat, sollte sich mit der Idee anfreunden, dass er wahrscheinlich falsch liegt und dessen Einfluss auf den Preisbildungsprozess auf den globalen Märkten stark überschätzt wird.

Viel wahrscheinlicher ist, dass die neuesten Restriktionen der People’s Bank of China für Bitcoin und andere Kryptowährungen der Grund für einen vorübergehenden Rückzug vieler Investoren sind. Wie viele andere wurde wohl nicht damit gerechnet, dass der Einfluss der chinesischen Marktteilnehmer so groß ist, da die meisten nur auf Ihr eigenes kleines Bitcoin-Universum fokussiert sind.

I don’t usually see myself as the author of half-baked conspiracy theories, a crude mix of half-truths and personal impressions, which then lead to the drawing of abstruse conclusions. Therefore, I would like to point out that the following article only reflects an opinion and should be perceived as such.

The global impact of Corona pandemic is hard to overlook. In addition to the almost complete cessation of social life, the closure of schools and universities, worldwide mass layoffs and the fallow of entire economic sectors, the economy is showing tentative signs of recovery from an enormous blow that has…

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Since 2013 I have been working with Bitcoin, blockchain technology, mining, trading, smart contracts, different consensus mechanisms and applied crypto methods. In recent months, however, my focus has shifted from technical interest and personal investment opportunities to ideological approaches to the socio-economic implications of this emerging technology.

Different views, opinions and exchanges of experience lead me to believe that Bitcoin is the catalyst, blockchain the tool and Open Ledger and consensus the guarantor of trust — but the secret heroine of the success story of…

Bitcoin is specialized in the use case of serving mankind as a currency. From a technological point of view, it tries to achieve this goal as easily and safely as possible — as much code as necessary, but as little as possible — so not to complicate things unnecessarily. Bitcoin came to stay.

The amount of all Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, but you can divide this amount to the eighth decimal place down to a single Satoshi. However, more than 80% of all possible bitcoins are already in circulation. But don’t forget that Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and…

First of all: According to Chinese law (including the CSL — the Cybersecurity Law) and China Telecom’s Terms and Conditions the following instruction is certainly not intended to be executed in China, with high probability illegal and prosecution by the authorities cannot be excluded. I decline any responsibility for the consequences.

In China, China Telecom’s internet connection usually comes with non-transparent access via a combination of modem and router (including 3 or 4 LAN ports). The modem uses a DHCP client to get a public IP assigned via ADSL or fiberglass. If required, the integrated router uses a DHCP server…

This article is the third and last part of a mini-series about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. In the first article, I had a short look at the Lightning Network and why it will have a catalysator effect on Bitcoin and participating cryptocurrencies to give up HODLing and start using. Another article was dedicated to the effect of the Lightning Network I expect to see in a reduction of the importance of proof-of-work-based mining and a sustainable downsize in the next decade or so. I encourage you to read about the Lightning Network and understand it as an extension of…

My findings are based on first-hand experience. I have lived in China since late 2011. I operated home mining from 2013–2016 with equipment from Bitmain (S3, S3+, S5, S7), bought hash power from Hashnest (Bitmain) and had cloud mining contracts with Genesis mining and Hashflare.

During this time Bitmain has always pushed itself further than to the top of the mining industry and displaced all another concurrence. Fraudulent companies that announced hardware but never built it contributed to Bitmain’s success.

The process to collect transactions, to put them in blocks and validate them is called mining. As an incentive to…

In Bitcoin the processing transactions of the peer-to-peer network and to pack that transactions in blocks, seal and timestamp them, and finally store them in a long blockchain is called mining. To ensure the highest security the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto wrapped that task in some kind of competition combined with a difficulty factor. The hashes needed to put that transactions in a block must start with a specific number of zeros. The more zeros needed the harder a hash value to find. This difficulty factor is adjusted every 2016 blocks in a way that the average time to find…

While preparing this article about the Lightning Network I considered severeal headlines and even after publishing I am not sure, if I chose the right one.

My alternates:

Bitcoin is dead, long live Bitcoin!


The Lightning Network no revolution without evolution!


Bitcoin is going to invent itself — again! Understand the Lightning Network!

They all somehow express what I want to explain to you.

But from the beginning. As you maybe know I am in Bitcoin since 2013. First as a home miner and ocassionally and later regulary as a trader. I sticked to Bitcoin for years as it was a hobby which led to ongoing discussions with my wife how much my hobby is worth when she paid our power bill. She…

Noch vor dem großen Image-Rebranding, das einen breiteren Marktzugang und Usability der Kryptowährung dienen soll, kam ich mit Crave in Berührung, als ich auf der Suche nach Anleitungen zur Erstellung von Masternodes war. Dash war mit Masternodes gerade sehr erfolgreich und meine Intention war eigentlich, mehr Erfahrung im Aufbau, Betrieb und Wartung solcher Masternode und im Umgang mit PoS-Konsenssystemen zu sammeln (von technischer Seite betrachtet ist Dash allerdings bis heute ein PoW/PoS-Hybrid.)

Seitdem präsentiere ich einen kleinen Teaser auf meiner Startseite und in der Sidebar. …

Jens Schendel ⚡️

www.jens-schendel.com — Citizen, enthusiast, researcher, tinkerer, blogger, Bitcoin evangelist, Lightning Network, Decent, Polybius/OSOM

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